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About WarpURL

WarpURL is the world's fastest URL shortener, connecting your audience to your brand.

Track your links across the web and understand how your audience is connecting, inspire trust and gain control. Get detailed insights for your brand as your members are sharing links to social media, email, SMS, marketing, adds, anywhere on the web.

Reducing your audiences wait time per click, returns their precious time. This also reduces the amount of time and thus resources (processing power) required to process a single click and its analytics. Helping reduce carbon emissions one click at a time.

👋 I'm Rehan!

I make things go fast with AWS Serverless, turning an unhealthy amount of coffee into outcomes by delivering value beyond code. I am an AWS Community Hero and Founder of WarpURL which I am building in public. You can find my blog over here: rehanvdm.com.

You should know that it is just me behind WarpURL, solo, bootstrapped and determined to make an impact. You will talk directly to me when you communicate with WarpURL, someone who builds WarpURL daily and wants to solve your problems. I can only achieve my goals by staying small and profitable at this stage, that means charging a fair and sustainable price.

I started WarpURL after observing how slow URL shorteners are, it started with a classic "scratching your own itch" problem. Many newsletters and social media sites use URL shorteners and I realized that I already prime myself to wait whenever I see a short URL.

My problem became apparent after benchmarking 14 other URL shorteners across 12 geographical regions. Many shorteners only optimize latencies for the US and/or EU population while the rest of the world has to traverse many servers and back just to deliver less than a 1kB worth of data to instruct the browser to redirect.

It gets even worse when you Double Link and share an already shortened URL on social media, which in some cases cost the user more than 1 second of wait time before they even reach your website!

It is WarpURL's mission to speed up as many short URLs as possible. Gifting users back their time and saving a ton of time as a collective. The time saved reduces intermediate server usage and in return, your carbon footprint, contributing to a better tomorrow. WarpURL's architecture is 100% serverless, built on AWS.
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